The care of each
single detail

At Villa Cilento, perfection has been achieved, taking care of each detail of the event, from the ceremony to the business meeting. The large structure and the versatility of the halls can guarantee a suitable set-up for the context.
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Every event is customized according to the desired taste and style
to celebrate the most important days.
For the ceremonies, we offer choices going from the classic reception to
the service at the tables, from the mixed options
to the cocktails buffet and cocktail party.

Wedding design

It offers innovative decorative options, undisputed elegance, and aesthetic quality. The final setup is always a design solution that combines the theme and the colors with the selected style.

Cake Design

The cake cutting moment is the most important of the entire reception because it includes the choice of the cake, its customization, the choreography, and the original and perfect setting for an unforgettable moment.


Smells, colors and flavors enrich the dishes on our menu,
Prepared with quality ingredients and a deep love for tradition and innovation.

Flower & Light Design

The realization of light and color effects combined with particular and stylish floral arrangements creates a unique, dreamy atmospheres .

Wedding Ceremony Rituals:

Those who wish to celebrate the wedding in American style, with the symbolic ritual, can count on the beauty of the inner halls and choose the many different amazing scenes in the garden.


Those who wish to celebrate the birthday in a special way can count on the realization of a great-style arrangement created ad hoc for the occasion.


It’s possible to arrange areas and functional halls for business events: small congresses or meetings that can host up to 200 people.
The halls can be used simultaneously as a workingarea or breakfast and dining areas.

Musical Events

The Villa hosts gala dinners, musical shows, fashion shows, or small events like dancing moments that can take place after the dinner of the bride and groom.


All the guests arriving at Villa Cilento can count on a large parking area adjacent to the property and easy to reach.