Thousands of lives from 1770 until now and
the next to be written together...


Villa Cilento originally was a farm called “Migaglia or Celso” around 1770. We find traces of its presence, in fact, already in the Map of the Duke of Noja dating back to 1775 At that time, in Posillipo, there were several villages: the villages of Angari and Megaglia joined Ranieri Tower, the village of Santostrato was connected to the sea with the descent of Marechiaro. Nowadays, in some areas are still visible the ruins of rural houses while many others have been embodied in the new buildings.


The present layout of the Villa dates back to 1875. In that period, there were significant extension and renovation works. From a farm, the Villa became a luxury mansion for the Holidays”, with frescoed halls (among which the play of the blind cat by Prof. Ignazio Perricci – 1837/1907). Shortly afterwards became the property “Cilento”.


In 1926, it became the property of Barons Cocuzza and Catania. The Villa was maintained efficiently until the Second World War.


From the end of the War to 1974, the neglect of time and the vandalism of man have turned the Villa into an actual decaying ruin. All the territory around was cemented and were born: the park of Swallows, cerimele, and a little pine wood. Meanwhile, Villa Cilento was kept intact in its original configuration. Subsequently, the Commander Gennaro Giustino, a well-known building contractor, restored her ancient beauty, conveying her to his private home. It took four years of arduous work to make it shine with the pomp of yesteryear.


Since 1991, Villa Cilento has become the ideal setting for your special event, crowning the love of those who choose it for their most important day.


Today is an enchanting location, ready to offer a magical moment, with an evocative atmosphere.